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image manipulation

Two movies for the price of one!

Hollywood blockbusters are getting more and more expensive each year. Already the special effects for your typical Michael Bay movie swallow more money than your average European nation moves in a whole year (I think).

Soon filming will become so expensive that several scripts will have to share the same movie. Here's a few first examples - you will find more over at


Famous characters with embarassing tattoos

For this photoplasty cracked asked us to dig into some famous people's photo albums and find out whether they hide some embarassing inks somewhere on their bodies - the first two made it into the final article. :)

Not quite right games...

Here's more computergames humour for you, no special topic:

Famous Photos - Captioned

Today I have (I hope) something more funny again, my submissions for cracked's What People in famous Photos were actually thinking - I placed twice in it, on #7 and #6:

And my other submissions in my opinion were quite nice as well, altogether.

A word from my sponsors

Nothing special, just some "silly adverts" I did inbetween:

Worst birthday *ever*!

When cracked asked for Worst possible gifts for famous persons I just had watched "The Boy in the Bubble" - a cheesy old "biography" flic about a kid with an immune defect forcing him to live in a 100% germ-free environment. With a young John Travolta in the main role nonetheless!

So that might explain and excuse my choice of "famous person" for the contest...