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Photoplasty 1 for 3.25.14: Things Found Just Outside the Frame of Famous Posters Photoplasty 1 for 3.25.14: Things Found Just Outside the Frame of Famous Posters


Lightforce '98


I've decided that, even though I don't make new music, it'd be nice to revisit the some of my old works and talk a little about how I see them today.

To begin with I selected my coverversion of Rob Hubbard's c64 score for the game "Lightforce". Because while of course Kraftwerk, Jarre, ClockDVA or Oldfield later became the main influences for my own music - it was people like Hubbard, Ben Daglish, David Whittacker or Chris Hülsbeck who wrote music for c64 games who initially kicked off my decision to use computers to make my own tunes.

Paradise Gardens


Still using Sonix, this tune marks the next step: My very first own synthesizer, in this case the Roland MT32. Multitimbral, multichannels, an own delay-processor... I still love to use this little black box, it has a very warm sound.


[not] KRAFTWERK - "Singmusik" ("Sing Sang")

Wow - this has got to be the most beautiful homage to the old style Kraftwerk Krautrock since Mouse on Mars did their "Iahoa Tahiti" album!

Data Transmission


This one’s not only one of my favourite Kobayashi Maru productions but one of the best tracks period, I think. I don’t know why, but here everything fits together - dark lyrics about an over-technological world, really *electronic* sounds and the computer voice (from the Commodore Amiga) - it simply works. So it was no wonder, that I choose this as the final track for my first live performance.

It does sound a bit like Clock DVA, but unlike Circle of Evil it wasn’t meant to be a rip off, it simply ended up that way. And it still got enough of my own character in it anyway.

Brot fuer die Jugend


Brot für die Jugend
Stahl für den Sudan!

Kernkraftwerk (Dub Edit)