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Messing with movie posters

Another of the topics I completely failed to make points in last week on cracked was If Movie Posters Were Sarcastic - I somehow didn't really get that many ideas out of that, so I simply messed with some movie posters in general. I guess some are okay on their own:

Nightmares, Disasters, Crimes and Videogames

The week is over, the results are out, so it's time for the next batch of pictures I made for the photoplasty competitions at

And quite a batch it is - over twenty pics! That's quite productive, wouldn't you say?

Like last week I managed to place twice in the same category, and even better: One of my entries for "Tiny Changes that would've turned good ideas into disasters" actually won #1!


And the second placer made it to #16, possibly because with that moustache Lady Liberty looks like Teddy Roosewelt:

Below are again all the entries that didn't place, but that you still might find funny.

Star Wars - Fight on the Falcon (extended cut)

I *highly* recommend you check out OneMinuteGalactica's channel on youtube - that guy does some really funny recut/dubbing work with clips from Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars.

Take for example this extended edit of one classic scene from Star Wars, clearly spicing it up and giving it more atmosphere:

Or this scene, in which Luke wields a lightsaber for the first time in his life (sadly cut from the original release to make time for additional CGI scenes in the new edition):

And here's an episode of his series about the mis-adventures of Gary - a Cylon Centurion who happens to be one of the universe's big douchebags:

Mr.Plinkett reviews: Star Wars, The Phantom Menace

It should be obvious by now from the contents of this blog that I'm a big fan of online movie reviews of shlocky movies - the ones I post here are just the best I find, I watch many more.

What makes a good crappy-movie-review for me? Well, for one it really helps when the reviewer actually knows stuff. Just saying "this sucks" I can do too, but to explain why something sucks so bad that it has an event horizon from which no braincells can ever return once they got into it's range - that is an art...

So let me introduce you to Mr.Plinkett. I have already posted movie reviews from his webpage before here - like the one he did about the Star Trek reboot. If you have seen them you don't need more information, you already know the phenomenon that is called Plinkett.

If you haven't: Mr.Plinkett has a unique insight into the movies he talks about, laying his fingers on the weak spots, giving credit where credit is due, pretty much all the time being spot on. That, and he also tortures & murders women in his basement.

Nice bloke, though.

What turned him from a funny act from some webpage into the internet celebrity he is today (with mentions at MTV or Entertainment Weekly) has got to be his review of Star Wars, the Phantom Menace - probably the best existing review of this disaster of a movie worldwide. Enjoy! :)

Star Wars retold (by someone who never actually saw it)

OK, out there there's some movies that everyone knows, even if one hasn't actually seen them. For me, up until pretty recently, that has been Casablanca. Yupp - I've never ever seen Casablanca until two months ago. But you know, you don't *have* to see those movies, right? Because, after all, pop culture is so full of quotes and parodies and references that you still have a pretty good idea what it's all about. Right? RIGHT?

Weeeeell... Judging from my Casablanca example: *Perhaps* not. Basically I got some of the major plot points and of course all the famous quotes, including the ones that aren't actually in the movie, and for years I thought that, to be honest, after all was said and done, the movie sounded rather lame and not like one I actually would enjoy watching, so I didn't.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that it IS a pretty cool movie with some interesting characters in it and some pretty clever and imho funny plot twists. I reallyreally enjoyed finally seeing it.

Anyways - here's a video of someone re-telling the story of Star Wars. With the added twist (as if you couldn't predict this at this point) of never actually having seen the movie before. A friend recorded that and just added some pictures. :) Enjoy.

Star Wars: Retold (By Someone Who Hasn't Seen It)


Okayyyy... Have some fun with movies while we wait for me to have enough time to do some real work with this page again, I've been a bit busy lately... I guess everyone of us has hers or his most favourite movies on youtube and other sites, I'm gonna pick some for you that I like.