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Team TGWTG reviews: Moulin Rouge

Damn - this has got to be the greatest movie review I've seen yet, I believe it might even beat redlettermedia's Mr. Plinkett.

A review of a musical - done as a musical. :D

"Minas Morgul: Nostalgia" by Stephan Riess - live at GemJam'93

The first track from Stephan's segment of our performance at the 1993 GemJam festival in Sinzig.

DJ Ottic: "Public Extacy" - live at Gemjam '93

The opening Act for the GemJam festival back in 1993:

DJ Ottic with the, back then, somewhat new DJing technique, of using two Commodore Amiga computers and the soundtracker, creating tracks completely loops from sampled loops.

The bloke without a baseball cap is me improvising some additional riffs on an old Roland Juno - sometimes it even works... :)

This is the first in a series of upcoming videos - I just captured the old tape on which we recorded this track here as well as the upcoming tunes, who are a mix of works by Stephan Riess, DJ Ottic and myself that we arranged and practised solely for this gig using my home studio Equippment.

There will be pretentiousness and material that, in hindsight, is a little embarassing - but some imo pretty cool tunes too.

If you like the music you can download the complete gig for free here:

An interview with Mike J. Nelson from Rifftrax/MST3K

Cool - the Riffmeister! :D

I'm a German myself, and I came across mst3k fpr the first time when the movie came out dubbed quite nicely by a German comedy team around Oliver Kalkofe.

THIS IS ANONYMOUS: What Are We Capable Of

Right now this video gets mirrored on youtube quite a lot:

Achtung: Kraftwerk Roboter VERBOTEN! :D

A little while ago I uploaded a video spoof of Kraftwerk's "The Robots" to youtube, a parody of the original 1978 video using the original track.

Some time ago EMI, Kraftwerk's record company, blocked the video in Germany for using their copyrighted material - as is their right, since after all the video *does* use the original tune.

Interesting though: My video was the only one using that tune and that got blocked by EMI I could find on youtube - all the others are still running, some of them are online for years...

Now that looks a little more interesting. It has something rather ... exclusive. :)

Almost as if EMI actually doesn't care too much whether someone uses KW material youtube, but someone called them and somehow got them to make an exception for my video...

While that, at first glance, might sound a little far fetched - there *is* a person with the connections to do such a thing and who is known for similar shenanigans...

And I do know a person who knows that person...

In Germany we have a saying: "Ein Schelm, wer Böses dabei denkt." ("He who assumes ill will behind this is a fool", more or less - but it actually kinda means the opposite - like saying "you know, this DOES seem a little weird for a pure coincidence!")

Anyways - since I like the video a LOT and would like it to be seen in Germany as well I will simply make a new version of it that, instead of the original "The Robots", will use an old parody of the tune I made ages ago and which I will re-record (since the old version sounds like crap) - problem solved.

In the meantime please enjoy this new video from of a fucking robot:

Ed Glaser: Turkish Star Trek

Ed Glaser is one of the many reviewers from and one of his specialities is finding exotic rippoffs of well-known US series and movies, like this entry from Turkey: