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Star Wars retold (by someone who never actually saw it)

OK, out there there's some movies that everyone knows, even if one hasn't actually seen them. For me, up until pretty recently, that has been Casablanca. Yupp - I've never ever seen Casablanca until two months ago. But you know, you don't *have* to see those movies, right? Because, after all, pop culture is so full of quotes and parodies and references that you still have a pretty good idea what it's all about. Right? RIGHT?

Weeeeell... Judging from my Casablanca example: *Perhaps* not. Basically I got some of the major plot points and of course all the famous quotes, including the ones that aren't actually in the movie, and for years I thought that, to be honest, after all was said and done, the movie sounded rather lame and not like one I actually would enjoy watching, so I didn't.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that it IS a pretty cool movie with some interesting characters in it and some pretty clever and imho funny plot twists. I reallyreally enjoyed finally seeing it.

Anyways - here's a video of someone re-telling the story of Star Wars. With the added twist (as if you couldn't predict this at this point) of never actually having seen the movie before. A friend recorded that and just added some pictures. :) Enjoy.

Star Wars: Retold (By Someone Who Hasn't Seen It)

Tron Reboot

Pretty cool, huh? The only thing even topping that, in the Tron dept. is that there will actually be a second movie:

SS officer becomes suspicious...

Hehe, I like this, I really do... :)

New Terminator 4 Trailer

Don't worry - He'll be back!

What to do when the Zombies come knocking at your door?

Yes, it's true - they're out there and they'll be coming to get you! While official sources deny even the existence of Zombies millions of people worldwide practice rituals about eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their leader and claim that, even 2000 years after he *should* be dead, he's really still alive! They even feel secure enough to have an annual celebration of his "rising from the dead"!

Open your eyes, brave citizens, and prepare for Zombie Armageddon! This movie here can help you deal with it, once the day arrives! It was made in the 50s and even though the authorities don't want you to know about this it can't be held secret!

Jesus Christ, what an awesome toy!

Buddy Jesus - eat your heart out! This is much cooler! Especially the Arc of the Covenant collectible!

We Come In Peace!

It's difficult to describe We Come In Peace. It's a series of Flash cartoons about... Creatures. Doing... Things?