OK, Hogswatch is over so I better keep the frontpage picture a bit up to date, or otherwise it'll soon look silly. So here's my little winter impression.


Ok, what the heck - here as a Xmas present from me to you the whole of Hogfather, the Sky One TV production. It's available at youtube and I just collected all the bits and put them in the right order here.

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A new job... :)


Become one of the Simpsoooooons...

Heheh, this is me as I probaply would look like if I were to appear in a Simpsons episode...

A short update...

Trans Europa Express

Just a quickie - I found this while surfing a bit. It's a live version of Kraftwerk's Trans Europa Express featuring choir and orchestra that really blew me away when I listened to it. I am happy to see that from time to time there are cool things going on in Austria. :)


Okayyyy... Have some fun with movies while we wait for me to have enough time to do some real work with this page again, I've been a bit busy lately... I guess everyone of us has hers or his most favourite movies on youtube and other sites, I'm gonna pick some for you that I like.