All fuzzy...

Work in progress

Is that a new layout I see before me?

Ok, obviously I finally got bored enough with my old standard page layout to toy around with some ideas. If you had a look at it already you maybe can answer two questions for me:

No1: (the obvious one): Do you like it?

No2 (If you use IE7): Does the layout on your browser look as in the screenshot on the left or is something messed up like the one on the right? I know it is on the old IE 6, but if on the much wider spread IE7 (and other Browsers - I use Firefox and IE6 here) it looks ok I won't go the extra yard to make an extra IE css-file anymore...

Grrr, Cubase problems. :P

The Gobshite is back! :)

Weee - it has been offline for a while, but like a Phoenix from the Ashes... Too much pathos?

Anyways, after a little reworking of the page's background structure, amongst other things changing from Wordpress to Drupal as the cms (brielmusik is running on Drupal as well) while being able to keep the already running phpBB Forum the page of my friends Robotlizz and Genopeppino is back and running again, old content restored and new about to come. Come on over and check it out, join us in the forum to have a little fun and join a nice little community!

Visit The Gobshite!

Studio up and *running*. :)


Switzerland. Land of mountains, cuckoo-clocks, cheese with holes in it and the Origin of Yello. Even if you not know their name - if you were around in the 80s and watched some teenager comedy, chances are good you know at least their tune "Oh yeah!"... :)

Found this BBC docu from 1989 about them on youtube that might interest some of you as well, no matter if you're an old fan or if their music is actually news for you - I strongly advice to check them out! Meyer and Blank can teach any young newcomer a thing or two about being really cool! :)

A definition of "Slash" fanfiction by Neil Gaiman

Slash fiction... I heard about it first years ago, but the people who told me about it and who were admitting to be friends of the genre at the same time were actually pretty reluctant to point me into the direction of, like, their favourite "slash story". Today I am a little wiser of course, and I guess it's a bit like the difference between admitting one reads porn from time to time and slapping one's favourite issue of "Donkeyassrape Magazine" on the coffetable when friends are there... ^^