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My first Youtube Video! ;)


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My very first selfmade youtube video. Actually my very first selfmade video period! XD

I hope you like it and have a little chuckle at it, but credit where credit is due:

Yoda selling green cards?!?

LoL - usually I think that Spam, no matter in which form is only an annoyance and I barely take any notice of it. But today I stumbled across a banner advertizing green cards for the US that cracked me up:

Great words from Chaplin

Following the discussion with Brian Barker about Esperanto in the Karl Bartos comments I felt like watching the Great Dictator once more. And this final, timeless speach is one of the reasons I like the movie as much as I do - not just the comedy bits.

Happy birthday, dear blohog...

I just noted... This week the blog will be a year old! Weee!!!

Pictures of myself

Self Portrait, 1995

Hm... I was asked about a picture of myself other than the one on top of the page and started looking through my archive discs, just to find that I am just as rarely fotographed as I thought I was... and of those pics mostly show me half hidden by other party guests who are standing in front of me. The few pictures below are more or less everything I got that is at least a little bit presenteable... I guess I'll have to take some new ones someday... Geez - on that one pic I even still have HAIR!

Karl Bartos

I think it's only fair to begin my little series about music and musicians who influenced me on my own journey with one of the people who got me started to think about music and it's creation in the first place. For me Karl Bartos is one of the Big Ones, and I believe it's safe to say that he is amongst THE most important influences for my own music.