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Jesus Christ, what an awesome toy!

Buddy Jesus - eat your heart out! This is much cooler! Especially the Arc of the Covenant collectible!

The Rifftrax-Men can!

(sung to the melody of "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory)
Who can take a movie, stomp it in the ground?
Who can make us laugh about the crap that floats around?

The Rifftrax-Men, the Rifftrax-Men can!
The Rifftrax-Men can, 'cause they tear those films apart - it almost seems like art!

Shame on you, Amazon!

Wow. Somehow that really pisses me off!

We Come In Peace!

It's difficult to describe We Come In Peace. It's a series of Flash cartoons about... Creatures. Doing... Things?

One bad step...

"Redesine" by Lagowski