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These are my suggestions for tiny changes that would have saved terrible movies - no takers this time around:

#1 needs no explanation, I hope.

These were done for Photoplasty 3 for 5.8.12: Video Game Plot Twists That Would've Blown Your Mind - no placers, but no wonder, because the others were simply funnier. ;)

I like photoplasties like this one a lot that have classic paintings or photographies as a theme - check out the full article here, lots of silly and clever ones in there!

My Michelangelo made #5:

and the American Gothic made it to #4:

If Mother's Day Cards Were Honest was the topic for - guess what - one of the photoplasties from the Mother's Day Week. Here's my two submissions - 50% of which placed!

My submissions for This photoplasty - none taken.

These are my submissions for This photoplasty - no placers, even though I'm SURE these inventions do exist somewhere...

These are my entries for the What Inanimate Objects Are Thinking Photoplasty on

The asteroid actually made it into the finals:

We all know that everyone likes to get it on. Well, allmost. Even our beloved childhood cartoon heroes. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that there's some pretty weird kids out there. Cracked wanted to see some for The Offspring of Mismatched Cartoon Character Couples - and here's my suggestions:

Minnie Mouse & Garfield

When cracked was looking for leaked pics from the Phones of fictional characters these were my submissions:

A picture of Geordi LaForge taking pictures of his colleagues: