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A casting from "Germany searches the next Kraftwerk"? :D Damn groovy!

Did a second version of the clip with some different effects for the Hubble remix.

I was toying around with video effects, trying to create a gritty, trippy feeling with some silly old cartoon. When I put "Hubble" under it, it kind of fitted. So there. :) Don't forget to rate the clip on youtube, thanks! ^^

This is ... bloody well done!

Just a little preview about the upcoming episodes of Robert Llewellyn's Carpool - I'm looking forward to the Patrick Stewart episode quite a bit! A recent show featured "Bottom" and "The Young Ones" star Adrian Edmondson (funny!). Always worth a visit, in my opinion! :)

Nothing much to add, just that this is one bloody funny parody/hommage! :D

OK, out there there's some movies that everyone knows, even if one hasn't actually seen them. For me, up until pretty recently, that has been Casablanca. Yupp - I've never ever seen Casablanca until two months ago. But you know, you don't *have* to see those movies, right? Because, after all, pop culture is so full of quotes and parodies and references that you still have a pretty good idea what it's all about. Right? RIGHT?

Weeeeell... Judging from my Casablanca example: *Perhaps* not. Basically I got some of the major plot points and of course all the famous quotes, including the ones that aren't actually in the movie, and for years I thought that, to be honest, after all was said and done, the movie sounded rather lame and not like one I actually would enjoy watching, so I didn't.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that it IS a pretty cool movie with some interesting characters in it and some pretty clever and imho funny plot twists. I reallyreally enjoyed finally seeing it.

Anyways - here's a video of someone re-telling the story of Star Wars. With the added twist (as if you couldn't predict this at this point) of never actually having seen the movie before. A friend recorded that and just added some pictures. :) Enjoy.

Star Wars: Retold (By Someone Who Hasn't Seen It)

Just another of those "Whoa, cool"-clips you can find on youtube from time to time.