Ok, what the heck - here as a Xmas present from me to you the whole of Hogfather, the Sky One TV production. It's available at youtube and I just collected all the bits and put them in the right order here.

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A new job... :)


Become one of the Simpsoooooons...

Heheh, this is me as I probaply would look like if I were to appear in a Simpsons episode...

A short update...

Trans Europa Express

Just a quickie - I found this while surfing a bit. It's a live version of Kraftwerk's Trans Europa Express featuring choir and orchestra that really blew me away when I listened to it. I am happy to see that from time to time there are cool things going on in Austria. :)


Okayyyy... Have some fun with movies while we wait for me to have enough time to do some real work with this page again, I've been a bit busy lately... I guess everyone of us has hers or his most favourite movies on youtube and other sites, I'm gonna pick some for you that I like.

Creative Common License added to most of the tracks...

When you browse through this site you might encounter three weird round icons from time to time now.

They stand for the Creative Commons Licensing system I started using and tell you what you can and can not do with the music available on brielmusik.