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Conspiracies are everywhere - did the Twin Towers really land on the moon or did Nasa fake the sinking of the Titanic in a TV studio?

Do scientists worldwide conspire against us and the weather actually will be quite nice in the next century?

In this article cracked tries to find out which conspiracies are real and which are just made up (on the spot, by cracked photoplasters).

Here's my submissions:

Done for this contest.

Oh my!

If you don't know who Ogith is - simply enter his name in the search box... ^^

What do you get if you ask a bunch of crazy geeks for their predictions about the gaming industry? Another great article on cracked, that's what. Here's my submissions for it:

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By now it's been done so often that it almost seems there's a law demanding it: Superhero movies aren't complete any more unless, after the credits, they feature one last scene that adds a twist to the story, hints at the next sequel or both.

When cracked asked their photoplasters to think of some typical scenes for this contest I suggested these two - with Spiderman making the article:

Designing a memorable record cover is hard work - nothing shows this better than some of the designs that *almost* got published: