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Changes and news about the page itself

Chill on the WaxDOLLY Internet Radio Podcast

Chill is featured in the 1st of may WaxDOLLY Internet Radio Podcast by Jed and even gets a nice little introduction! Cheers! :)

brielmusik on ReverbNation

Hey! Some of you already might have noticed the new player on the left side - it comes from my new brielmusik profile on Reverbnation. RN is a social network page not unlike myspace or others, but they focus mainly on bands and musicians as their target group.


Lightforce '98 video

Lightforce '98 video

Rob Hubbard has been my earliest inspiration to make my own music - he was the master of the Commodore C64 SID-Soundchip for sure. Here's a synth version of his classic tune Lightforce I recorded in 1998 - enjoy!

Deep Space Video Clip

Direct Link. More info will follow, but I thought I'd share this clip right away. :)

Grrr, Cubase problems. :P

Studio up and *running*. :)

Vote for "Trance"

Brielmusik News: I joined a little contest on myspace - if you like go over there and vote for your favourite track - preferably mine, of course. ;)

Ok, the link leads directly to the tune now, you only got to rate it. (Oh, and you need to have a myspace account to do so).