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Orgasmotastic! :D

Vertrauen Sie uns!

An interview with Mike J. Nelson from Rifftrax/MST3K

Cool - the Riffmeister! :D

I'm a German myself, and I came across mst3k fpr the first time when the movie came out dubbed quite nicely by a German comedy team around Oliver Kalkofe.

DiscoSean21's racist test on chatroulette

Discosean21 is one of the funny guys on youtube I like watching again and again. My favourite videos of him are the Chatroulette Racist Tests he does... He gets basically three kinds of reactions: People who get it and laugh - to which he usually joins in, people who simply *don't* get it - those are bloody funny too, and of course the wankstains who, before realising that he's actually a black dude with underpants over his head, do the "Heil Hitler"-sign, because they believe that they are in the presence of one of their own...

Him replying "Hire Hitli!" to them is guaranteed to crack me up each time. :D

Envyyyyyyayeah, Motherfuckers!

While I don't *hate* the US of A like some people nowadays I guess it's no secret (at least to some of the folks I talk with from time to time) that I'm not really planning ever to *live* there. You see - it's way too big for me and when you're not getting shot at by gangster rappers in one of the cities chances are that, instead, you're just getting lost in some redneck backwaters and about to be captured, tortured, cooked with bbq sauce and then eaten by a family of genetically degenerated radioactive cannibals.

That has got to be true, why else would there be so many documentaries about this topic?

Where was I? Ah, yes - I never want to live there, so usually I'm not envious of those who do so. Except, I have to admit, when there's the chance to see the worst movie in the world by Edward Wood in FUCKING COLOUR (!!!1!).

The Film Crew - free on youtube!

Is this bloody cool or what? Between working on their TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 and launching their webpage Rifftrax Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett did four episodes of a show called "The Film Crew" - which, admittedly, was a retake on the same Idea. Not that that is a bad thing, because this idea makes for endless hours of great fun with bad (or worse) movies. Sometimes even good ones. ;)

All four of those episodes are now available - full length and free - via youtube!

The Rifftrax-Men can!

(sung to the melody of "The Candy Man" from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory)
Who can take a movie, stomp it in the ground?
Who can make us laugh about the crap that floats around?

The Rifftrax-Men, the Rifftrax-Men can!
The Rifftrax-Men can, 'cause they tear those films apart - it almost seems like art!

Dennis Leary on the Daily Show

Just a short test of the embedding feature on - my favourite news programme for several years now allready. As mentioned below they went online with their complete archive. *woot*

Amazing Inventions!

Nieder mit IT!

(I just added the lyrics in German and also wrote an English translation into a comment below. Took me some time, but I thinks it gets the original's intentions along.) :)

Dem ist nichts, aber auch wirklich NICHTS hinzuzufügen! Genial!