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Karl Bartos: Musica Ex Machina

Musica Ex Machina" is taken from Karl Bartos' latest album "Off The Record". The album's available on CD and Vinyl:

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Karl Bartos - Musica Ex Machina on MUZU.TV.


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Frohe Weihnachten und ein gutes, gesundes, wohlklingendes neues Jahr wünscht das AudioVision-Team: Karl Bartos, Mathias Black, Robert Baumanns, Sascha Wild, Sven Mouhcine, Patrick Beerhorst, Josef Hansjürgens, Michael Briel, Geheimrat Dr. Jürgen Scriba, Helge Peters, Ilse Siegle, Sabine Wolde, Jean Marc Lederman, Philippe Wauquaire & Bettina Michael.

And of course I had to toy around again, being on the list myself and all:

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Michael Briel: play0303.02

A video I made using the covers of some of my favourite records.

A look back at 2009 in style

This is ... bloody well done!

Karl Bartos

I think it's only fair to begin my little series about music and musicians who influenced me on my own journey with one of the people who got me started to think about music and it's creation in the first place. For me Karl Bartos is one of the Big Ones, and I believe it's safe to say that he is amongst THE most important influences for my own music.