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Get Smart into the Tardis

I did this one a while ago - not bad, eh?

What the Future Sounded Like

It's time to learn! :) Pretty much everyone knows about the pioneers of Electronic Pop music - Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jarre and so forth.

But for them to be able to even make their music you first needed the pioneers of electronic music period. The ones who invented the tools later used by other musicians and bands.

Here is a documentary about some of THOSE people:

Doctor Who Classic: Revelation of the Daleks

Nash reviews another Doctor Who story from the era of the Doctor with the Weird suit.

Doctor Who 101 by SF Debris

SFDebris is one of the online reviewers whose work I enjoy on a regular basis. His obvious focus is SciFi TV series - he started with reviewing Star Trek TNG episodes and since has added the classic series, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise to his repertoire. Followed by non-Trek Series like Babylon 5, Red Dwarf or Doctor Who.

Now, he usually does episode reviews, but I picked this video he just released, because it gives a really nice basic oversight about the history of Doctor Who, a show that over the years I grew really fond of and that, let's be frank, does need some explanation...

Thanks for the Doctor Who 2008 Christmas special! (Contains opening of the episode but no spoilers)

*sniff* Me wipes a happy tear from his eyes...

One of my wishes came true, I just watched this year's Doctor Who Christmas special and it was bloody marvellous... :)

I won't spoil anything, just let it be said that this year the Doctor's Christmas Adventure has all I could have wished for...