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3 terrible Halloween costume choices

Because Halloween is coming closer and closer and some people still don't know what to wear as a costume here's three tips of what NOT to wear...

3. Sexy Miss Tapeworm

No. Just no. Also you'll have trouble to dance in this...

2. President Obama Costume set

This costume set is sold by the Mitt Romney campaign bureau...

1. Sexy Guantanamo Prisoner

This is also wrong on several levels, but at least you won't be thinking about it too much, 'cause you'll keep running into shit...

The Thatguywiththeglasses - Team does scary Halloween stuff!

Because it's Halloween the team over at has been quite busy reviewing a whole bunch of scary movies... Well, some are actually more "scary" (with the quotation marks) than actually scary, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it? Here's my favourites so far, all bundled together for you to enjoy!

Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Snob: Leprechaun

We start with my two favourite tgwtg-reviewers giving their opinion on "Leprechaun" - an 80's "horror"-classic in which a shaved Ewok from Ireland in striped stockings is terrorizing a bunch of yokels in America: