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Ogith IS a little girl!

Oh my!

If you don't know who Ogith is - simply enter his name in the search box... ^^

DiscoSean21's racist test on chatroulette

Discosean21 is one of the funny guys on youtube I like watching again and again. My favourite videos of him are the Chatroulette Racist Tests he does... He gets basically three kinds of reactions: People who get it and laugh - to which he usually joins in, people who simply *don't* get it - those are bloody funny too, and of course the wankstains who, before realising that he's actually a black dude with underpants over his head, do the "Heil Hitler"-sign, because they believe that they are in the presence of one of their own...

Him replying "Hire Hitli!" to them is guaranteed to crack me up each time. :D