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Moebius died last week

Comic book artist Moebius dies (AFP) March 11

Goodbye John Difool! Farewell Blueberry! Jean Giraud was one of the really "big" ones in the European Comic Scene and also involved in projects like "Alien" or "Tron".

In Search of Moebius - Jean Giraud clip1/3 von foivosloxias

Out of the Wild - Venezuela

"Out of the Wild" is a show on Discovery Channel in which a group of people is sent on a hike through 70 miles of one of the meanest Jungles out there after three days of training, only equipped with some quite basic tools and a handful of food.

What positively sticks out with "Out of the Wild" when you compare it to similar "reality" programmes is that the focus is not as usual on some silly personal drama but on the hardships of staying alive in the wild.

Also the group of hikers differs from the usual people you see on this kind of shows - wannabe stars with huge egos an nothing between their ears who are ready to sacrifice their dignity for their five minutes of fame - but some rather ... normal and likeable people. Heck, some even have a background that could come in handy on such a trip - we have a US Ranger for example and some other people with actual "outside" experience...

... like Mike. Who, if you follow me on youtube, you might also have stumbled across before as "SnowWalkerone", one of my youtube friends and a really funny and crazy and not at all stupid guy and part time super-villain. :) I have to say I didn't follow all his conversations for a while and when he sent around the link to the show's first episode I first didn't even look at it - but when I did seeing him in there was quite the surprise. :D

Actually yesterday (5pm EST, 23:00 for me here in Germany) Mike did a blogtv show to which he had invited all the other members of the group and except Sam (who, if I understood correctly, was away doing a new show for the bbc?) actually showed up, said "hi", answered question and just caught up amongst each other a bit, haven't been in contact for a while since the show was shot (last October).

Seems they enjoyed it and they'll be back on Mike's blogtv for future shows - so if you like watching "Out of the Wild" and maybe want a chance to find out more about the guy's experiences in the jungle than what is shown on the discovery channel and how they today look back at the stuff they went through:

Simply follow Mike on Youtube or Facebook - there you will be informed when the next blogtv will come up. Also his videos are worth checking out. ;)

Here's the episodes so far:

Vince Clarke and the Temple of Synth

To have space like that... I'd have my little home-studio in it as well as my living space and there'd still be enough room left to play a game of soccer...