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Nostalgia Critic: You’re A Rotten Dirty Bastard – A Christmas Special

As we're closing in on Christmas it's time for one of the funniest clips the guys over at have done in a while - in my opinion. It's a heart warming story about a man who has lost his will to live, but then gets visited by his guardian angel who shows him what the world would be like without him!

The Thatguywiththeglasses - Team does scary Halloween stuff!

Because it's Halloween the team over at has been quite busy reviewing a whole bunch of scary movies... Well, some are actually more "scary" (with the quotation marks) than actually scary, but that's all part of the fun, isn't it? Here's my favourites so far, all bundled together for you to enjoy!

Nostalgia Critic and Cinema Snob: Leprechaun

We start with my two favourite tgwtg-reviewers giving their opinion on "Leprechaun" - an 80's "horror"-classic in which a shaved Ewok from Ireland in striped stockings is terrorizing a bunch of yokels in America:

What really happened to Chell from Portal

Portal - even if you have never played this game you already might have heard that is has got some of the most mindblowing "WTF just happened?!?" moments in gaming history, including it's end (that I'm not going to spoil here again, look it up yourself on google ^^). And many of us were wondering about what would happen to the game's heroine, Chell, after ... whatever happens at the end of the story. Luckily we have the NostalgiaCritic to enlighten us:

"Alone in the Dark" reviewed by NostalgiaCritic, Spoony and Linkara

My three favourite guys from review a ... well, "movie" by the feared German professional boxer and part time movie director Uwe Boll. Ouch! :D

Kung Tai Ted reviews "Dragon lives again"

Brad Jones reviews probably the weirdest movie that came out of the exploitation sub-genre of "Bruce Lee copies"...

The Nostalgia Critic reviews "The Room"

Nostalgia Critic's take on one of the most ... unbelievable movies you'll ever see...

The Nostalgia Critic reviews "Quest for Camelot"

Recently I spent a lot of time on, watching their videos. It's a community of geeks just like me who love to spend their time on movies, tv shows, comics, anime and games. And if you're like me you won't regret checking them out at all, because many of them are actually really good in writing funny reviews of movies, comics etc. and even put them up in video form.

One of the page's best, if not THE best in this department is That Guy with the Glasses himself who amongst other series, does the "Nostalgia Critic" reviews.

His reviews are almost like watching a mst3k or rifftrax version of a movie, but boiled down into a much shorter form. Have a look for yourself as he takes on a cartoon that seems to be truly horrible - I can't say for sure, since I didn't even know it existed before now... oO