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AngryAussie in Tasmania

AngryAussie is one of my favourite content providers on the youtube - as the name suggests he's from Australia and he's angry (duh). Well, to be more precise the AngryAussie is a character he came up with which he uses to talk about topics that he cares about.

Well, when I say "talk" I mean "rant". His clips for me are somewhere between a filmed editorial article and a standup comedy act (I hope I don't anger him more with that description). Not unlike George Carlin he uses explicit language to bring his point across and there's always something behind his rants that, to me, makes a lot of sense - no matter what his topic of the week turns out to be.

Recently he spent a vacation in Tasmania and now is sharing some of his not-so-angry holiday videos with the youtube community - quite the nice place, it seems! I noticed that he is using some electronic tunes in the background of those clips and contacted him, offering my music for this - and guess what, he likes it. So here's a short clip he did about Kangaroos with a fetish for motorcars and a museum for Robot Convicts with "The Final Strand" as background music. Cool. :)

Oh - and I also added two of his other videos so you can get an idea what he usually does. Check out his youtube channel, it's really worth to have a look! Aaand he's got a blog, so go and visit that as well! No worries, eh?

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