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DJ Ottic: "Public Extacy" - live at Gemjam '93

The opening Act for the GemJam festival back in 1993:

DJ Ottic with the, back then, somewhat new DJing technique, of using two Commodore Amiga computers and the soundtracker, creating tracks completely loops from sampled loops.

The bloke without a baseball cap is me improvising some additional riffs on an old Roland Juno - sometimes it even works... :)

This is the first in a series of upcoming videos - I just captured the old tape on which we recorded this track here as well as the upcoming tunes, who are a mix of works by Stephan Riess, DJ Ottic and myself that we arranged and practised solely for this gig using my home studio Equippment.

There will be pretentiousness and material that, in hindsight, is a little embarassing - but some imo pretty cool tunes too.

If you like the music you can download the complete gig for free here:

This is not a test

New Video: Hubble (ldr mix)

Did a second version of the clip with some different effects for the Hubble remix.

New Video: Hubble

I was toying around with video effects, trying to create a gritty, trippy feeling with some silly old cartoon. When I put "Hubble" under it, it kind of fitted. So there. :) Don't forget to rate the clip on youtube, thanks! ^^