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The last Man on Earth

You remember "I am Legend" with Will Smith? Nice story, but a fucked up ending. Oh, and then there was the older movie with the same story - "Omega Man" with Charlton Heston (which, funny enough, had quite the "anti weapons and violence" message). But that wasn't the first time the story about the last survivor of mankind after an epidemic turned pretty much everybody else into vampire monsters was turned into a movie - the first was "The last Man on Earth", featuring the immortal Vincent Price!

The Cinema Snob reviews a German classic: Violent Shit

The Cinema Snob reviews one of the rarely seen German underground classics of modern cinema, Violent Shit. And of course when I say "classic" I mean absolutely horrible.... :)

Michael Jackson

All that needs to be said about Jackson. Really. I won't even have to try to write my own piece of rant now.

The King of Pop is dead! Long live the revolution of Pop! Power to the people of Pop!