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Star Trek: Shadowplay!

Back in 1998 some friends of mine did what actually was their third parody of the classic Star Trek series - but this time something was different! *I* was in it as well - actually I got to play TWO bit parts in "Schattenspiele". Only recently I decided that this work of art is way too funny to not present it to an English-speaking audience as well, so I took it upon me to write and add subtitles for all you poor shmucks out there who don't speak German. Without further introduction I give to you:


Star Trek: Shadowplay!



Simon Pegg on Star Trek

Some of you might already know it, some don't - Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame is portraying our most favourite chief engineer in the upcoming Star Trek movie! I think it might turn out he's a great choice for the role, somehow he *feels* right to me... :)

Here's a recent interview with him on "Friday Night":