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Herr B. an der Guitarre! :D

Wow. :) I did know already that Mr. Bartos wrote some songs for the band "Mobile Homes" from Sweden, and his solo album "Electric Music" is in a very similar style actually, although it's "guitar rock"-sounds are produced completely synthetic, but this is a new sight:

Seeing him behind a guitar instead of a keyboard is new. :D

Hands on!

What happens if you cross the Addams Family with Terry Gilliam-style animations and Akira?

Well, for one you get an awesome music video for a band named Noisia!

AngryAussie vs. Paul Hardcastle: Fapping ("19" parody)

Some time ago AngryAussie made a youtube video about Fapping. And for some reason this struck a chord with many of his male (I assume) viewers - some of them started making remixes of the video. Including me...

I dunno, I just had to join the general sillyness. :D

Ramesh B. Weeratunga - "Ring of Fire (Bollywood)"

I recently came across this lovely little music video, it's the old classic "Ring of Fire", made popular by Johnny Cash (actually it's one of the first songs I remember - my parents had it on record), but redone with some added Indian flavour and quite some tongue in cheek. :)

Isn't it great? :)


I did a youtube clip for my arrangement of Gustav Holst's "Neptune, the Mystic" from the Planet Suite. I hope you enjoy it - and if so: don't forget to rate it. :)

New Video: Hubble (ldr mix)

Did a second version of the clip with some different effects for the Hubble remix.

New Video: Hubble

I was toying around with video effects, trying to create a gritty, trippy feeling with some silly old cartoon. When I put "Hubble" under it, it kind of fitted. So there. :) Don't forget to rate the clip on youtube, thanks! ^^

Deep Space Video Clip

Direct Link. More info will follow, but I thought I'd share this clip right away. :)