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still alive

Christmas Trollollo

Remember the children singing still alive? Well, guess what - they're back!

Complete with Santa-caps and troll-masks here they are, performing the Trololo-Song! Yay! :D

Still Alive sung by a children's choir

Wow... When I heard "Still alive" after playing through the fantastic game "Portal" for the first time it made me cry like a baby and laugh at the same time. Jonathan Coulton wrote a song to end one of the most original game experiences many players have had in ages and the combination of the literally crazy atmosphere in the game, the mixture of weird melancholy and evil jokes in the lyrics plus the high one sometimes gets from simply having made it through a good game completely overwhelmed me.

Since that day this is one of my absolute favourite tunes.

This version here, sung by a children's choir just blew me away like that first time...

Just... Wow!

The choir-teacher deserves a medal for this! :D

Jonathan Coulton and GlaDOS sing "Still Alive"

Ok, I had to do a second version of the video - I added a tiny bit of eyecandy... :)

direct link

I just like this tune so much I had to toy around with it myself a little: I took the two official versions of Still Alive, the theme of Valve's fantastic Game "Portal" - one sung by the game character GlaDOS and the other one by composer and writer Jonathan Coulton himself and mixed them together into a duet. While it's not perfect I think it's still pretty cool - enjoy!

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