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Holy Cow! Terry Pratchett is now Sir Terrence of Pratchett!

This news came just in from the blog of Neil Gaiman, my second favourite author in the world:

A definition of "Slash" fanfiction by Neil Gaiman

Slash fiction... I heard about it first years ago, but the people who told me about it and who were admitting to be friends of the genre at the same time were actually pretty reluctant to point me into the direction of, like, their favourite "slash story". Today I am a little wiser of course, and I guess it's a bit like the difference between admitting one reads porn from time to time and slapping one's favourite issue of "Donkeyassrape Magazine" on the coffetable when friends are there... ^^

Writers beware: The 20 worst agents list

I learned about this list from Neil Gaiman's page (remember - he's my second favourite author in the world - hope he isn't offended for not making No.1) and decided to post about it in my blog for several reasons:

Ok, I know I'm not a writer, only a wee little blogger but things like the list posted below defenitely are important for new authors looking for a publisher/agent for their work. Because - as in every other business - there's scammers out there that like to take advantage of newcomers who don't know about how the business works. So even though I'm not a novelist myself (and never plan to be one) and this ain't a literature webpage/blog I'll link to the list anyways, because the more people learn about it the bigger the chance that an upcoming author learns of it and avoids getting into contact with those scammers in the first place.