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I've been working NUDE!

Or to quote Nude themselves:

"NUDE's myspace profile
became a new design last week 3.1

Lightforce '98 video

Lightforce '98 video

Rob Hubbard has been my earliest inspiration to make my own music - he was the master of the Commodore C64 SID-Soundchip for sure. Here's a synth version of his classic tune Lightforce I recorded in 1998 - enjoy!

A public service announcement

Busy, busy...

Vote for "Trance"

Brielmusik News: I joined a little contest on myspace - if you like go over there and vote for your favourite track - preferably mine, of course. ;)

Ok, the link leads directly to the tune now, you only got to rate it. (Oh, and you need to have a myspace account to do so).