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Kraftwerk: The *bleep*

This one just to show you that even the grandfathers of electropop had only *bleep* on their mind:

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Farewell, Humph, I barely knew ye!

I was just checking a little background info about the comedy show "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" (BBC Radio - I got the idea for the two youtube video *bleeps* from there) when I found that this May the chairman of the show, Humphrey Littleton, had died.

To me Humph was "only" a witty old guy who could make me laugh tears when hosting that show, which was a parody on guest panel game shows - but I learned that for many people he's been one of the big Jazz legends.

You have to respect full blooded artists like him:

And to round it all up one bit with the Humphrey I knew and loved:

Another cleaned up filthy song

My second video example for the disastrous degree of the degradation of modern music - a "christmas" song, sung by three gay garden gnomes "Stony, Farty and Slimy":

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My first Youtube Video! ;)


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My very first selfmade youtube video. Actually my very first selfmade video period! XD

I hope you like it and have a little chuckle at it, but credit where credit is due: