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Famous Photos - Captioned

Today I have (I hope) something more funny again, my submissions for cracked's What People in famous Photos were actually thinking - I placed twice in it, on #7 and #6:

And my other submissions in my opinion were quite nice as well, altogether.

While my Guitar gently leaks - Music by the Beatles, Words by me

Inspired by THIS photo:

Hey look, can't you all see a crack there there that's dripping
While my guitar gently leaks
I look at the floor and I see it needs sweeping
Still my guitar gently leaks

I don't know why nobody told me
This was a bad idea
I don't know how someone controlled me
Made me go out to sea

I look at the world and I only see water
While my guitar gently leaks
And this stupid thing ain't equipped with a radar (yah, that rhyme hurt, but I'm doing my best here)
Still my guitar gently leaks

It seems that my sentence is spoken
I might die horribly
I didn't know that the compass was broken
No one alerted me

Since four days nothing left to drink but my own pee
Still my guitar gently leaks
I look at the sharks while they look back quite hungry
While my guitar gently leaks

Culture, Alternative Reality Pop-Culture & Dick Jokes

As promised here's the next batch of pictures I submitted to the photoplasty contests at - and this time two of them made it into the placers - both for the same topic: Famous Photos - One Minute Earlier

The first picture is a rework of the cover of "Abbey Road" by the Beatles and it placed at #8:

The second picture mate it to position #6 - it's my take on what happened prior to the famous Dali photo with the flying cats - here I included the original picture, so people who don't know Dali still can get it:

I'm actually quite proud of this work - I re-built the room from scratch, added the furniture and puzzled together Dali from several different pictures - the head from one, the torso from another and the legs from yet another picture - so his age and clothes match the one im the original.

Below are the submissions that didn't make it last week - some still pretty funny, I think.