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WTF, I don't even... :D

Star Wars - Fight on the Falcon (extended cut)

I *highly* recommend you check out OneMinuteGalactica's channel on youtube - that guy does some really funny recut/dubbing work with clips from Battlestar Galactica or Star Wars.

Take for example this extended edit of one classic scene from Star Wars, clearly spicing it up and giving it more atmosphere:

Or this scene, in which Luke wields a lightsaber for the first time in his life (sadly cut from the original release to make time for additional CGI scenes in the new edition):

And here's an episode of his series about the mis-adventures of Gary - a Cylon Centurion who happens to be one of the universe's big douchebags:

Farewell GamerOGITH!

Here's how you properly say "goodbye" to a youtube troll account that got taken down. You know - with *style*! ;)

Kraftwerk: The Robots - Sweded Video

Horrible fat person pretends to be Kraftwerk!

AngryAussie vs. Paul Hardcastle: Fapping ("19" parody)

Some time ago AngryAussie made a youtube video about Fapping. And for some reason this struck a chord with many of his male (I assume) viewers - some of them started making remixes of the video. Including me...

I dunno, I just had to join the general sillyness. :D

Scientology - the Anonymous song

A little song I made a while ago for Youtube - it's a parody of the Augustus Gloop song from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and, obviously, a riff on $cientology. Enjoy!

Oh - and if you're on the tube - rate and subscribe, obviously. ;)

Star Trek: Shadowplay!

Back in 1998 some friends of mine did what actually was their third parody of the classic Star Trek series - but this time something was different! *I* was in it as well - actually I got to play TWO bit parts in "Schattenspiele". Only recently I decided that this work of art is way too funny to not present it to an English-speaking audience as well, so I took it upon me to write and add subtitles for all you poor shmucks out there who don't speak German. Without further introduction I give to you:


Star Trek: Shadowplay!



We are ze Robots!

Nothing much to add, just that this is one bloody funny parody/hommage! :D