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Like... Wow!

New Terminator 4 Trailer

Don't worry - He'll be back!

What to do when the Zombies come knocking at your door?

Yes, it's true - they're out there and they'll be coming to get you! While official sources deny even the existence of Zombies millions of people worldwide practice rituals about eating the flesh and drinking the blood of their leader and claim that, even 2000 years after he *should* be dead, he's really still alive! They even feel secure enough to have an annual celebration of his "rising from the dead"!

Open your eyes, brave citizens, and prepare for Zombie Armageddon! This movie here can help you deal with it, once the day arrives! It was made in the 50s and even though the authorities don't want you to know about this it can't be held secret!

The Film Crew - free on youtube!

Is this bloody cool or what? Between working on their TV series Mystery Science Theater 3000 and launching their webpage Rifftrax Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy and Bill Corbett did four episodes of a show called "The Film Crew" - which, admittedly, was a retake on the same Idea. Not that that is a bad thing, because this idea makes for endless hours of great fun with bad (or worse) movies. Sometimes even good ones. ;)

All four of those episodes are now available - full length and free - via youtube!

Jesus Christ, what an awesome toy!

Buddy Jesus - eat your heart out! This is much cooler! Especially the Arc of the Covenant collectible!

Lightforce '98 video

Lightforce '98 video

Rob Hubbard has been my earliest inspiration to make my own music - he was the master of the Commodore C64 SID-Soundchip for sure. Here's a synth version of his classic tune Lightforce I recorded in 1998 - enjoy!

A public service announcement

Weihnachten bei Laibach - A merry Laibach Christmas

direct link - I'm sorry, I hope I don't hurt the feelings of any Laibach fans with this

Simon Pegg on Star Trek

Some of you might already know it, some don't - Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame is portraying our most favourite chief engineer in the upcoming Star Trek movie! I think it might turn out he's a great choice for the role, somehow he *feels* right to me... :)

Here's a recent interview with him on "Friday Night":