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WTF, I don't even... :D

Interview mit Karl Bartos (Deutsch)

Ein 1-A Interview mit Karl - interessante und intelligente Fragen und Antworten. Sehr sehenswert imo. :)

Discarded first drafts of famous record covers

Designing a memorable record cover is hard work - nothing shows this better than some of the designs that *almost* got published:

Shadow Bureau - Axis of Envy

For all of you who always wanted to be able to mention Kraftwerk and Kung-Fu in the same sentence - the waiting is over now!

Here's how it goes:

“Axis of Envy” is the debut single of Bon Harris’ new project The Shadow Bureau. The track debuts together with Indomina Media in a video for the Asian movie “True Legend”.

The single features vocals by Wolfgang Flür, a former member of Kraftwerk with backing vocals by Isabelle Erkendal, of the Swedish duo West End Girls. Check out the video and listen below.

The Shadow Bureau is a new musical project by renowned composer, producer, singer/song writer and multi-instrumentalist Bon Harris, the founder of legendary EBM act Nitzer Ebb. It will feature various artists performing original songs inspired by Indomina Media’s theatrical film releases. - from blackvector magazine

Axis Of Envy - The Shadow Bureau - 2011 found on Electronic

Kraftwerk: The Robots - Sweded Video

Horrible fat person pretends to be Kraftwerk!

We are ze Robots!

Nothing much to add, just that this is one bloody funny parody/hommage! :D