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Warum nicht gleich so?

Warum zieht er nicht einfach um? Mental paßt er doch besser da rüber...

Gungans: Where Are They Now?

Just for the case you ever wondered why there's no Gungans in the original three Star Wars movies - that's one of the darker parts of Naboo's history, actually...

Made for this article

Dora the Explorer...

Ironic Punishments for Everyday Annoyances

These were made for this cracked article - with the first one making it in.

3 Unseen Jobs That Must Exist in Movie Universes

Back in August the cracked editors were looking for jobs that *must* exist in movie universes, even though you never get to see them. Here's my examples:

3. Lawyers specialized on movie-universe-cases

2. The guy who supplies the white paint for Saruman's Uruk-Hai

1. Middle earth tax collectors

3 terrible Halloween costume choices

Because Halloween is coming closer and closer and some people still don't know what to wear as a costume here's three tips of what NOT to wear...

3. Sexy Miss Tapeworm

No. Just no. Also you'll have trouble to dance in this...

2. President Obama Costume set

This costume set is sold by the Mitt Romney campaign bureau...

1. Sexy Guantanamo Prisoner

This is also wrong on several levels, but at least you won't be thinking about it too much, 'cause you'll keep running into shit...