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A definition of "Slash" fanfiction by Neil Gaiman

Slash fiction... I heard about it first years ago, but the people who told me about it and who were admitting to be friends of the genre at the same time were actually pretty reluctant to point me into the direction of, like, their favourite "slash story". Today I am a little wiser of course, and I guess it's a bit like the difference between admitting one reads porn from time to time and slapping one's favourite issue of "Donkeyassrape Magazine" on the coffetable when friends are there... ^^

The amazing Movie Countdown

Sometimes, actually quite often, you find stuff on youtube that just steals away from your time.

And then, sometimes, you find a movie clip that has something amazing about it... Like THIS one: Living proof that movie buffs with WAY too much time on their hands can be creative like hell:

Kraftwerk: The *bleep*

This one just to show you that even the grandfathers of electropop had only *bleep* on their mind:

direct link

My first Youtube Video! ;)


Direct Link

My very first selfmade youtube video. Actually my very first selfmade video period! XD

I hope you like it and have a little chuckle at it, but credit where credit is due:

Yoda selling green cards?!?

LoL - usually I think that Spam, no matter in which form is only an annoyance and I barely take any notice of it. But today I stumbled across a banner advertizing green cards for the US that cracked me up:

Amazing Inventions!

Adolf die alte Nazisau im Bunker - now also in English!

It took some time, but finally one of the loveliest German bits of youtube also got translated into English (or has been ages ago and I only found it now...). Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you Der Führer! (above in German and below the English version).

Nieder mit IT!

(I just added the lyrics in German and also wrote an English translation into a comment below. Took me some time, but I thinks it gets the original's intentions along.) :)

Dem ist nichts, aber auch wirklich NICHTS hinzuzufügen! Genial!