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Star Trek: Shadowplay!

Back in 1998 some friends of mine did what actually was their third parody of the classic Star Trek series - but this time something was different! *I* was in it as well - actually I got to play TWO bit parts in "Schattenspiele". Only recently I decided that this work of art is way too funny to not present it to an English-speaking audience as well, so I took it upon me to write and add subtitles for all you poor shmucks out there who don't speak German. Without further introduction I give to you:


Star Trek: Shadowplay!



Jitandri knows what God is - and much more!

Meet Jitandri, a businessman selling suits made in China and, more important, a man who recently was touched by God and now knows THE TRUTH. And he wants to tell you about THE TRUTH.

He also wants to tell you about nasty youtube commenters and that they'll regret their comments some day soon (and judging from the way he looks at you you'll know he means business and is probably preparing several sets of concrete shoes already...).

Jitandri wants to take you on a journey to knowledge and I thought I'd help him with this great task - after all that's why he is recording his ... lessons in front of a blue screen, right? Or do you believe God hasn't told him about blue screens?

So lean back and enjoy Jitandri's journey - together you will go to places he never would have dreamt about seeing!

The Nostalgia Critic reviews "Quest for Camelot"

Recently I spent a lot of time on, watching their videos. It's a community of geeks just like me who love to spend their time on movies, tv shows, comics, anime and games. And if you're like me you won't regret checking them out at all, because many of them are actually really good in writing funny reviews of movies, comics etc. and even put them up in video form.

One of the page's best, if not THE best in this department is That Guy with the Glasses himself who amongst other series, does the "Nostalgia Critic" reviews.

His reviews are almost like watching a mst3k or rifftrax version of a movie, but boiled down into a much shorter form. Have a look for yourself as he takes on a cartoon that seems to be truly horrible - I can't say for sure, since I didn't even know it existed before now... oO

A kind of Awesome

A casting from "Germany searches the next Kraftwerk"? :D Damn groovy!

We are ze Robots!

Nothing much to add, just that this is one bloody funny parody/hommage! :D