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Karl Bartos: Without a Trace of Emotion

This just in today:


For Off the Record, Karl Bartos has opened up his music archive for the very first time. He rediscovered and analysed hundreds of tapes, piles of sheet music, and years of digital media. Inspired by his acoustic diary and adding his experience as a composer and producer, he has created twelve brand new songs, written and performed with masterly skill.

It took him two years to accomplish this original Bartos album: iron crystal music, vocoder newspeak, robot sounds, digital glitch, techno pop, catchy melodies, electronic avant-garde, roaring silence, futurism, and, of course, those rhythms! Rhythms of brutal minimalistic impact as found on the much-sampled "Numbers" recorded three decades ago and described by Mike Banks of Underground Resistance as "the secret code of electronic funk".


What must it be like for an artist to live with the image of being a legend? Surely not the worst thing that can happen. But is it always a comfortable experience? This single, lifted from his new album "Off The Record" sees Karl Bartos reflect upon the creative period as a member of the legendary group Kraftwerk for the first time. He meets the showroom dummy Herr Karl, his alter ego, and they strike up a conversation. Bartos reveals a sharp sense of humour and self-irony through the film which accompanies the single, referencing every conceivable cliché of pop stardom: dress code, interviews, champagne, mirror image, persecution complex. Yet Herr Karl, as one might suspect, remains unwaveringly cool, "without a trace of emotion".

Chaplin - Let us all unite!

Take one of the most moving speeches in movie history, add a good measure of musical ingenuity and the outcome is quite amazing:

What the Future Sounded Like

It's time to learn! :) Pretty much everyone knows about the pioneers of Electronic Pop music - Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Jarre and so forth.

But for them to be able to even make their music you first needed the pioneers of electronic music period. The ones who invented the tools later used by other musicians and bands.

Here is a documentary about some of THOSE people:

Interview mit Karl Bartos (Deutsch)

Ein 1-A Interview mit Karl - interessante und intelligente Fragen und Antworten. Sehr sehenswert imo. :)

Ogith IS a little girl!

Oh my!

If you don't know who Ogith is - simply enter his name in the search box... ^^


But of *course* Australian spiders not only are so poisonous that they can kill you just by looking in your general direction - no, they also have started to work their way UP the foodchain apparently.

From birds (AUSTRALIAN birds too - they probably have Gatling guns and tactical nukes over there!) it's not it's not too far to little mammals. And then come bigger mammals - and next thing you know you come home one day and find your bulldog wrapped in a cocoon and dangling from the ceiling...

Jonathan Coulton & GLaDOS: Want you gone - Mashed Potato Duo

Yes, it took me a while, but I had to do a duet version of the Portal 2 song as well, hope you like it! :)

How Pros "pwn" on youtube

Nice - a US rightwing loonie sends out a creepy video, threatening liberal bloggers and vloggers with brimstone and hellfire - and Chenk's reaction to it is just sugar:

Short Stack break up causes airline pilot to flip out!

God, I love this story AngryAussie brings to our attention here: Imagine being scared of flying and then landing in the same plane as the mentioned pilot:

Kony 2012 debunked

All the World talks about "Kony 2012" and "Invisible Children", so I guess I have to as well.

Or actually - not really, this gentleman here puts it into words much better than I can:

And if you doubt his claims about Invisible Children basically being nothing more than a fundamentalist Christian PR firm - here's the fucker himself, admitting it right out front:

Also in this video he tells his audience about his troubled youth and how the Lord Jebuz saved him from suicide - with slight hints that let me think he might be one of those guys who "prayed their gay away" - which could go a long way in explaining his recent "running around nude on the street masturbating and shouting f-bombs at Satan" breakdown...

Poor guy - seems like he might have been nothing but a naive tool, but now he's broken...