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Michael Briel

Vengol 2


Before we get to the main feature: This second version of Vengol was done on the MT32, just to try what it would sound like... It’s here to round up the first part of this CD.



Maral is the last real evolutionary step I did until recording Evolutions itself: Moving from computer-based interfaces to a real sequencer and keyboard. It’s from the same tape as the uncut recording of Evolution, done in 1993. At this point I was allready using the Wavestation and the DR660 drumcomputer.

Overlook Hotel


... and the next step: Just before I started using real sequencer-software for the first time, enabling me to do real-time recordings, I bought my first Keyboard, the Yamaha PSS790 and a great FX processor: The Boss SE50.

Paradise Gardens


Still using Sonix, this tune marks the next step: My very first own synthesizer, in this case the Roland MT32. Multitimbral, multichannels, an own delay-processor... I still love to use this little black box, it has a very warm sound.

Vengol 1


Vengol 1, recorded in 1991 on a friend’s Yamaha DX-7 synthesizer, was my very first tune done with midi. Before that I only had programmed my tunes on different tracker programs either on the Amiga or the C64. This one wasn’t recorded with a sequencer though, I planted notes with the mouse in Sonix, using it’s extremely limited midi functions.

Data Transmission


This one’s not only one of my favourite Kobayashi Maru productions but one of the best tracks period, I think. I don’t know why, but here everything fits together - dark lyrics about an over-technological world, really *electronic* sounds and the computer voice (from the Commodore Amiga) - it simply works. So it was no wonder, that I choose this as the final track for my first live performance.

It does sound a bit like Clock DVA, but unlike Circle of Evil it wasn’t meant to be a rip off, it simply ended up that way. And it still got enough of my own character in it anyway.

Brot fuer die Jugend


Brot für die Jugend
Stahl für den Sudan!

Kernkraftwerk (Live At Gemjam)


Der Killergaertner (Live)


DJ Ottic and I wrote this one together - it's about a gardener going on a killing spree all around the neighbourhood.



made of steel!