Nieder mit IT!

(I just added the lyrics in German and also wrote an English translation into a comment below. Took me some time, but I thinks it gets the original's intentions along.) :)

Dem ist nichts, aber auch wirklich NICHTS hinzuzufügen! Genial!

The Moment After

Hyas there!

I did what I wanted to do in a long time and finally am able to present the first movie review on my little page. Okies, I have to work on the layout a little for this, and it's only a quickie on the fly review, I know. I wanted m y first review either to be of a really good movie, so you could see what I'm measuring against or at least a good, CLASSIC, bad movie, together with in debth analysis, scene fotos and the usual "things that I learned from this movie" jokes we all love on pages like But today, out of boredom I came across such a creepy stinker, that I, instead, present you with a little rant about a movie, made by people who are kind of stuck in the medieval times between their ears. I present to you: The Moment After!



Words kinda fail me...

Noooo, not really, in fact:


Here be Torrents!

Just a short info in between doing other stuff:

Right now I'm creating torrent files for my music and allready some are seeding (you can find them on a certain Swedish webpage, yarrrr!). XD

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Shaun the Sheep

Maybe you allready know Shaun. No, not the one of the Dead but Shaun the Sheep, the woolly sidekick of Wallace and Grommit in "A close shave". Obviously he got to the hearts of some people, cause a while after the movie was done he got his own TV series.