Dear Micro$oft: Fuck you. Fuck you right in the ear! :)

According to this site here Micro$oft is going to stop the sales of Windows XP. No, wait - they actually DID so two days ago...

Get this: Basically all the world (at least those ppl who actually have to work with their PCs or know a thing or two about them) told them to take their Vista and shove it where the sun don't shine. Several big companies told them "Thanks, but NO THANKS! We're going on to use to use the safer/slimmer/more stable Win XP!".

Mark Lawson Interviews Terry Pratchett (BBCfour)

I just thought I'd share this bit - an interview with Terry Pratchett that gives a little background story about my favourite author in the world and his most popular creation, the Discworld:

brielmusik on vuze & other links

Well, I guess better late than never... :) I finally added a "links" section to (to your right) - it contains other places where I'm active like myspace or vuze, links to pages of friends as well as simply funny or interesting links.

Farewell, Humph, I barely knew ye!

I was just checking a little background info about the comedy show "I'm sorry I haven't a clue" (BBC Radio - I got the idea for the two youtube video *bleeps* from there) when I found that this May the chairman of the show, Humphrey Littleton, had died.

To me Humph was "only" a witty old guy who could make me laugh tears when hosting that show, which was a parody on guest panel game shows - but I learned that for many people he's been one of the big Jazz legends.

You have to respect full blooded artists like him:

And to round it all up one bit with the Humphrey I knew and loved:

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Another cleaned up filthy song

My second video example for the disastrous degree of the degradation of modern music - a "christmas" song, sung by three gay garden gnomes "Stony, Farty and Slimy":

Direct Link

My first Youtube Video! ;)


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My very first selfmade youtube video. Actually my very first selfmade video period! XD

I hope you like it and have a little chuckle at it, but credit where credit is due:

Yoda selling green cards?!?

LoL - usually I think that Spam, no matter in which form is only an annoyance and I barely take any notice of it. But today I stumbled across a banner advertizing green cards for the US that cracked me up:

Great words from Chaplin

Following the discussion with Brian Barker about Esperanto in the Karl Bartos comments I felt like watching the Great Dictator once more. And this final, timeless speach is one of the reasons I like the movie as much as I do - not just the comedy bits.