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Pictures from the early days of famous villains

When cracked asked for pictures of Famous Villains During Their Awkward Teenage Years I dug deep in my old archives and indeed found a few pictures of famous evildoers - and don't ask where I got them from...

First we have young Mola Ram, here seen with classmates during their anatomy lessons:

Picture number two shows a certain German bloke in his room - and might explain a thing or two:

Number three shows that apparently Mordor started tempting Saruman long, long ago, while he still was on Wizard university:

And number four is one of the *very* rare pictures that show the Wicked Witch of the East in her younger years, before she got killed in a farming accident (aka. "getting a farmhouse dropped on her"). And even though, later, the Munchkin People came to loathe her as a ruler back in her teen years she actually was quite popular. With the gents, at least: