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Messing up Computergames

Small but disastrous changes to famous video games was the topic, and I *highly* suggest you check out the other submissions too, there were some brilliantly silly ones in it. :)

"You don't know Jack" is one of the funniest multiplayer games I ever played. It puts you into a virtual quizshow in which you try to answer trivial questions. The fun comes from the presentation - the show of course has a showmaster too, and that guy is just hilarious!

Of course it wouldn't be as much fun if the questions were much, much harder...

Then I was thinking about what would make Pacman really boring - and I guess one way would make it practically un-losable.

But that'd be wayyy too nice. Much better would be a Pacman that gives you no chance in hell to win - but initially pretends to:

Bubble Bobble - a game in which you Burp Bobbly Bubbles at the Baddies...

The Legend of Zelda - Link and the Vuvuzela of time:

Then I went a little naughty - Stalker, Call of Prippir... Papira... Prissipus... Damn, you know the real name:

And, since things are the way they are, once you sunk that low you can at least enjoy it - Torchlight:

and Mortal Combat: