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Game characters and games they'd totally suck at

We love our video game heroes. Mario, Pac Man, the little Galaga Spaceship - but few people realize that, if those characters had appeared in *different* games, today nobody would care about them any more...

(submissions for Video Game Characters who's Suck At Other Games)

Sure, the Sims are cool and all, but put them into Modern Warfare and their floating green gems turn into life hazards!

Mario is the grandfather of all Jump'n'Runs. He jumped around before MasterChief even wet his cybernappies. And yet - compared to the classes in Tribes he pretty much sucks:

Can you stand the terror of MORTAL COMBAT math games?

Of course Zombies suck at the friggin' Game of Life!

Also: No one really wants to see THIS! Or if you do you should be ashamed of yourself!