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More Fun with Movies

Damn, I'm starting to lag behind with these... Okay - here we go: When the topic for photoplasties on was Disastrous changes to movies I came up with the following images:

Entry number one today is Luke Skywalker, driving his environment friendly Landspeeder:

Then a scene from the climactic ... errr ... climax of the movie "King":

Only few people know this, but initially Charly Chaplin appeared in movies without his famous little moustache - it was not until he filmed a movie with a bearded kid and a cameraman pointed out to him that "The other way round makes more sense!" that he grew what then became his trademark:

Here one of the scenes from the shooting of "Cliffhanger":

If you ever wondered why Padme and Anakin's romance is so wooden and artificial:

This early design for the imperial space station "Death Ass" was never used in the movie - the shooting schedule was so tight, that the model dept. only managed to finish half the work:

"Luke... Fuck you!":

Granted - guns are uncivilized weapons from an uncivilized age, but sometimes you need one:

Harry Potter becomes darker and weirder with every episode:

(Just, because I already got a mail about this one telling me how tasteless it was to put Daniel Radcliffe's head on a naked body for a joke: I didn't put him on a torso that he isn't on 24/7 in the first place - that *is* actually all him (lucky bastard) - the lower part coming from scene shots for the theater play "Equus")

Wait for it - Alex Jones has to do this one every day now:

Not long any more and the Avengers will be out! Really! See:

I dunno - Disney has become ... weird: