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The Horrible Truth about Everyday Foodstuffs

20 Terrifying Theories About How They Make Famous Products is only what Cracked showed you last week. There is much more you hoped you'd never find out about what you eat or drink...

Are you, for example, a vegetarian who prefers vegetables and salads over meat, because you think no animals get killed for them? Only few people know that, only for one small salad, Eskimo hunters have to kill a grown sea lion!

French cuisine or not - *I* will never have mustard from Dijon ever again!

Many people think that Kinder Surprise is banned from the US, because of small plastic bits that kids can swallow. And indeed - each year millions of European children die a horrible death, their intestines pierced by unsafe toys. But the main reason for the US not wanting to import them is something different altogether...

This is a satellite picture of a dead whale being shipped to Haribo:

After seeing this I got curious - what has a whale-carcass got to do with gummi bears? At first I thought maybe whale blubber is used as some raw material, but the reality would be much more horrible than I could have imagined!

Since the Haribo central plant is right here in Bonn I took a guided tour and there made this picture:

Yupp - that's where candy comes from.

Back to the salad eaters: I bet you like some dressing on your salad, right? Right!

And if you thought that Tofu is nice - think again: