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Nightmares, Disasters, Crimes and Videogames

The week is over, the results are out, so it's time for the next batch of pictures I made for the photoplasty competitions at

And quite a batch it is - over twenty pics! That's quite productive, wouldn't you say?

Like last week I managed to place twice in the same category, and even better: One of my entries for "Tiny Changes that would've turned good ideas into disasters" actually won #1!


And the second placer made it to #16, possibly because with that moustache Lady Liberty looks like Teddy Roosewelt:

Below are again all the entries that didn't place, but that you still might find funny.

Here is how you turn "personal lubricant" into a disaster:

(Für Deutsche: Stellt euch "ABC Salbe - Gleitcreme vor...)

And just for the case you don't get what would be so bad about that...

(yes, I know - heterosexual couples use the stuff too, but all the screaming guys I found looked funnier than the women, I'm not discriminating or something)

My #1 for this topic already showed that you can do bad things to beloved Disney characters - why not do that some more?

What, for example, if Scrooge McDuck was not Scottish?

(and another explanation: The supposed joke here is *not* "He loves money, so he's a JEW!", but instead "Oh dear, if you make him Jewish then he looks like a horrible racist figure!")

Or let's have a look at another old Disney-friend from our childhood:

Yes, I know, I'm a terrible person and I'll go to hell for that! But to make up here's a picture with the actual Winnie instead of a Shit-Demon:

Whoops! Sorry! That was even worse, somehow...

I guess for the last picture I should do something that won't ruin someone's childhood heroes... How's this?

The next topic was "If video game characters found more practical solutions" and I had only two submissions - one that in hindsight I like and one "meh". The first one being the guy from Digdug who has got enough of all that digging around underground to go Mano-a-Mano against horrible monsters:

And the second one being a (quite simplistic) "More Practical Solution" for that guy from Final Fantasy who uses a "Gunsword" - a terribly impracticable combination firearm-bladeweapon that, the way it's designed, would be rather useless in real life:

See - I gave him a gun and a sword... oO Yeah, I know - I said it was "meh". ^^

Next topic is "Everyday life if one crime were suddenly legal" and I had high hopes to place in it as well, but it didn't happen - here's the entries:

Legalized Crime: Online Filesharing

Legalized Crime: Cannibalism

Legalized Crime: Selling Catmeat

Legalized Crime: Murder

And last for this topic: Legalized "Crime" (in the eyes of right wing bigots): Gay Marriage

The last topic for this week is "Nightmares of famous fictional characters":

Michael Jackson Zombie from thriller dreams of:

Maltz the Klingon dreams of:

Beavis and Butthead dream of (their horribla alter egos from a cheap porn spoof):

Buggs Bunny dreams of:

And R2D2 has nightmares about failing in his mission:

Sooooo, those were my submissions from this week's photoplasties, I hope you got a chuckle out of one or two. Next week it's Movie posters, Computergame sidekicks and the world through the eyes of a child...