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As promised here's the next batch of pictures I submitted to the photoplasty contests at - and this time two of them made it into the placers - both for the same topic: Famous Photos - One Minute Earlier

The first picture is a rework of the cover of "Abbey Road" by the Beatles and it placed at #8:

The second picture mate it to position #6 - it's my take on what happened prior to the famous Dali photo with the flying cats - here I included the original picture, so people who don't know Dali still can get it:

I'm actually quite proud of this work - I re-built the room from scratch, added the furniture and puzzled together Dali from several different pictures - the head from one, the torso from another and the legs from yet another picture - so his age and clothes match the one im the original.

Below are the submissions that didn't make it last week - some still pretty funny, I think.

First here's some more pictures I made for the "One Minute Earlier" contest - of course I had to include THOSE guys:

If you now say that nothing but the clock changes: Yes. Exactly. It's Showroom dummies after all. :)

The next one is perhaps a little dark, but hey:

Another one with the Beatles:

And a Variation I did of the "Abbey Road" picture - adding a second guy who, apparently, stole McCartney's shoes - and while this added an actual joke to the picture they still chose the one without the thief.

The next set of pictures was for the topic "Pieces of Pop Culture from Famous Fictional Universes but none made it into the final article. Which is okay, because compared to many of the other submissions mine are rather "meh".

Number one was a quick one I did when I found Chewbacca sitting on a chair:

Number two is supposed to be a Michael Jackson Joke (you see, one is brighter than the others...) and I wasn't feeling it was too good, so I only half-arsed it:

And number three is Dungeons&Dragons - the other way round. I got the idea from Terry Pratchett's "Carpe Jugulum" where some vampire teenagers pretend to be normal people - Goths, the other way round.

How was I to know that pretty much this very joke was in one of the first editions of Dungeons&Dragons? I never played it! (I was a Rolemaster-player). Geez - that's embarrassing. I searched around a little with google, and while I could not find the original D&D joke I found that others also have had the same idea before... So much for being original. :D Cracked picked a similar submission from someone else that took the "collector's card game angle" on the same basic idea - and that looked much cooler. ^^

We're not done yet - I've been busy! :) Next we have my one submission to "Important Moments in History (If Social Media Was Around)" and while the idea has something (I think) I guess I could have put more work into the wording:

But we all know that's not why you're here, right? All that culture and history and nerd stuff... You're here, because you read "Dick Jokes", right?

See? I knew it! Although I have to warn you: These really are pretty lame, even if I say so myself. But so were pretty much all the other submissions as well (have a look at the winners if you don't believe me) - so here's my submissions for "Classic Scenes Made Filthy With Needless Censorship":

If you like the jokes - or not, or some of them - comment and share! :) Right now I'm putting together stuff for next week, so stay tuned for horrible disasters, computergames and nightmare fuel!