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When computergames go wrong...

Some more pictures I made for the image manipulation contests. Right now I'm doing quite a bunch of these - it's fun and I learn a *lot* about image manipulation simply by toying around. :)

And lo and behold - the first picture made it to #5 (out of 250 entries) in it's topic "When Video Game Characters Finally Snap"

A huge thanks has to go to to babylon-15dl who created the original picture of "not so slim Chell" I used in my collage!

If you don't get the joke - it's "Chell" the main character from "Portal" and cake becomes something of a focus point during the game's story. If you don't know it - get it. It's quite cheap by now and *highly* entertaining.

- btw, right now that article on cracked has been seen by at least 500.000 visitors, so this might very well now be my most "famous" creation ever... *bleep*! oO

Whatever. Next are two pictures about "Lemmings" - a classic old game in which you command numberless uniformed little guys who goosestep through the landscapes and even are prepared to kill themselves at your order.

Granted - that sounds a lot darker than the game actually is, but it explains how I came up with this for "When Computergame Characters finally snap":

... the execution is more than lacking, so I did a variation of the same theme, only the "other way around" - it was finished too late to enter the same contest, but luckily a week later the theme was "Video Games as Understood by Old People" - too wich the "Lemmings" idea somehow fits as well - imagine what your grandfather might think if you describe the game to him:

Aaaand I'm afraid the next one also falls into the "might be considered tasteless" category - it takes a poke at games like Mortal Combat and it's ilk in which - again and again - we see women with *fantastic* (coming from "fantasy") figures get beaten to a bloody death. Now I think about it a better title would have been something like "Sexy Spousal Abuse Simulator". As an extra touch I added the creepy, horny grandpa and the scared kid.

And the last one - which is rather mild compared to the previous entries - just a quick take of what Granny might think that "Driver" game her grandson plays is like. As you can see it's just a really quick and simple job, I guess I wasn't really into that one myself:

Next time will be much more tasteful altogether - I'm working on some pictures for "Famous Photos, One Minute Before" right now and it's becoming more and more artsy. Actually I think I have some quite strong entries in this one, knock on wood...

Other upcoming themes are: "Famous Scenes Made Filthy by Needless Censorship" (for those who are missing the "tasteless" already by then), "Pop Culture from Fictional Universes" and "Great Moments in History, Ruined by Social Media". Stay tuned!

Oh - and leave some feedback, will you? ;)