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An interview with Mike J. Nelson from Rifftrax/MST3K

Cool - the Riffmeister! :D

I'm a German myself, and I came across mst3k fpr the first time when the movie came out dubbed quite nicely by a German comedy team around Oliver Kalkofe.

For years this has been one of my favourite things to watch - I loved the concept and the jokes (some original and translated, and where that didn't work the dubbers wrote their own material too).

Imagine my surprise when I, years later, looked around for the original English version of the flick and found that there actually were 10 years of MST3K episodes for me to watch... :)

I have, since then, been a good geek and tried to get as many ppl I know who also like to watch English movies hooked to the show and it's successors.

And I can say that the humour the mst3/rifftrax/cinematic titanic crews use does work pretty well here in Germany too. :)

Of course there's stuff specifically about US pop culture that goes over a foreigner's head - I never have seen most of the soap operas everyone knows over there, for example - but apart from those the jokes do work just fine.

Thanks to the tgwtg-Team for that lovely little chat with Mike who, together with Kevin and Bill, and of course Joel, Trace, Frank and all the others who appeared and wrote on the shows, is responsible for some of the best laughs I had in my life.

I *highly* value that, it's an art to be as funny as them on such a constant basis for so long. Kudos! :)